Greenland’s Very Own Product Brand
Among our own cherished brands is Pitsaasut, an entire brand of everyday products that Senobis has developed for the Greenlandic market exclusively.
With the first products launched in 2013, the Pitsaasut brand gained instant popularity among the Greenlandic consumers.

Made for Greenland
The packaging of Pitsaasut products has been developed with a unique focus on the Greenlandic consumers. The simple and eye-catching design in the Greenlandic national colours makes it easy to spot Pitsaasut products on store shelves. However, the uniquely distinguishing feature of Pitsaasut products is that all product texts are in Greenlandic with Danish as a secondary language, including nutritional declarations. This ensures that essential information about the products is available to all Greenlandic consumers.

More Than 100 Good Reasons to Shop
The product series is a result of the cooperation between Senobis and KNI, Greenland’s biggest trade and service company. The first products, Pitsaasut Fruit & Flavoured Syrups, were marketed in 2013. Since then, 100+ different articles have been developed, designed and marketed under the Pitsaasut brand name, making Pitsaasut one of our most extensive business areas. The vision of Pitsaasut is to continuously build upon the Greenlandic consumers’ wants and needs and to keep extending the series with new everyday products where quality and price comply.

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