Quality Products
and Creative Ideas

What we do

At Senobis we know that moving forward and taking on new challenges is essential to business development.
The focal point, however, always remains the same: With a keen business sense, we invest in select,
popular products and ideas, in the quest to create long-term growth for Senobis.


Through the development of our private label brand, Pitsaasut, Senobis has forged a strong partnership with Greenland’s biggest trade and service company, KNI. Based on the business relations with KNI, Senobis has been able to establish itself on the Greenlandic duty free
market as well.

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Private Label

Senobis develops and markets its own brands, SeaShells and CandyFloss, with SeaShells being the pride and joy of our portfolio. Among our own cherished brands is also Pitsaasut. Pitsaasut is a brand of everyday products that Senobis developed for the Greenlandic market.

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It all began with a small outlet store in which Senobis planned to sell products purchased through wholesale trading. The outlet store became an immediate success, and Senobis decided to move the store to larger premises and open it under the separate brand name, Euro Outlets.

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About Senobis

Quality Products and Creative Ideas


Senobis is an innovative and solution-oriented wholesale company, specializing within agency, private labelling and trading. Senobis was founded in 2010 as a Danish, Swedish, and Faroese owned company. In 2014, the ownership was extended to include a Dutch partner.

Thomas Skov, the founder of Senobis, located the company in his hometown, Naestved, Denmark, to ensure a strong base for his quest to bring new products and ideas to both domestic and international markets.

  • Senobis was established in the middle of a worldwide financial crisis. Despite the hard times, Senobis quickly gained a firm foothold on the confectionery travel retail market due to the extensive trading network Thomas Skov had developed in the years he operated in the Mars Group.

  • Subsequently, Senobis has expanded its reach and managed to establish business on other markets as well with great success. Today, Senobis operates in more than 30 countries. We are determined to expand geographically and increase the range of products offered by maintaining our existing partnerships as well as forging new ones throughout the world.


The Senobis Team is a productive group of energetic young people
with a fresh perspective on the business supplementing our highly experienced senior management team.
Together, they build and maintain a strong foundation for future growth.

Thomas Skov

General Manager
Phone: +45 55 78 32 25
Mail: thomas.skov@senobis.com

Eva Winther

Financial Manager
Phone: +45 55 78 32 24
Mail: eva.winther@senobis.com

Kamilla Kisbye

Purchasing Manager
Phone: +45 55 78 32 15
Mail: kamilla.kisbye@senobis.com

Louise Nielsen

Account Manager
Phone: +45 55 78 32 02
Mail: louise.nielsen@senobis.com

Christian Henriks

Product Development Manager
Phone: +45 55 78 32 13
Mail: christian.henriks@senobis.com

Sara Andersen

Marketing Manager
Phone: +45 55 78 32 04
Mail: sara.andersen@senobis.com

Rikke Petersen

Human Resource Manager
Phone: +45 55 78 32 26
Mail: rikke.petersen@senobis.com

Ulrik Terp

IT Support
Phone: +45 55 78 32 18
Mail: itteknik@senobis.com